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Circular Dining Booth

Circular Dining Booth – a Standout Feature in this Contemporary shaker style Kitchen

In our latest project, we had the pleasure of transforming a blank canvas into a stunning space. With a mesmerising circular dining booth that steals the spotlight and creates a kitchen where the family can gather.


Bold Colour Choice

After exploring our options our clients fell in love with the captivating Hartforth Blue colour from Second Nature’s Hunton range. This deep, rich blue sets a striking tone for the kitchen, adding a sense of sophistication and depth to the space. It’s a bold choice that instantly catches the eye.


Unique Layout

With the kitchen destined for a newly built house, we had the opportunity to unleash our creativity to seamlessly blend the kitchen, dining, and living areas. We got creative and incorporated a circular dining booth attached to the island, creating a captivating focal point. This standout feature not only maximises space, it added an element of charm and intimacy to the room.


Thoughtful details

Of course, a remarkable kitchen is about more than just aesthetics. It’s the thoughtful details that truly elevate this kitchen design. For durability and practicality, the 20mm Silestone worktops in Etheral Glow, were perfect for a busy household but, also added a touch of luxury. The polished white surface and backlight Porcelain White and clear glass wall units beautifully contrast with the dark blue cabinets reflecting light throughout the space.


High-Quality Fixtures and Appliances

From the stainless steel Caple Mode sink and Quooker Pro 3 Flex boiling water tap to the Neff appliances, every fixture and appliance in this kitchen is chosen for its quality, functionality, and style. The Caple wine cooler adds an extra touch of sophistication, perfect for entertaining guests in this stylish space.


Expert Craftsmanship

Our design was brought to life by Cairnrowan Homes, renowned for its high-quality, bespoke houses in Aberdeenshire. Their expert craftsmanship ensured that every detail of our design was executed to perfection, resulting in a kitchen that exceeded our client’s expectations. And the feedback speaks for itself:

We are absolutely delighted with our dream kitchen. Diane’s attention to detail was superb.


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