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Carbon Chic Kitchen

Symmetry Meets Sophistication

Embarking on the journey to find the ideal kitchen is no small feat, and for our recent clients, it took them two years to embark on a journey towards creating their perfect kitchen. Their brief was clear – a modern, symmetrical space with clean lines and high-quality products. Diane from the John Willox Kitchen Design team perfectly captured their vision with a Carbon Chic Kitchen Design, balanced with symmetry and sophistication.

One of the challenges faced by the clients was the desire for an island without compromising on a formal dining space. The solution? Placing the Miro Envy Venting Induction Hob on the island transformed the kitchen into a more engaging environment, a space that encourages conversation and connection.


Reflecting Light and Space: Carbon units, graphite accents

The colour scheme was a pivotal aspect of the client’s vision, and the chosen Rotpunkt kitchen in Zerox HPL XT Carbon, handleless, delivered on the promise. Neff ovens with graphite trim complemented the carbon units seamlessly.

The polished, white worksurface reflected the light and made the kitchen appear spacious. Incorporating a matt, black Quooker Pro 3 Fusion square boiling water tap and a Franke Maris single bowl matt black sink added a touch of luxury and completeness to the overall design.

To infuse a touch of personalisation, the clients opted for a textured design on the back of the island. The wooden effect panelling, mirroring the dining table and shelving, added warmth and character to the space. The choice of radiators, personally sourced by the clients, seamlessly blended with the carbon units, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.


The Finishing Flourish: Illuminated Bar Area

A bar area with a wine cooler, strategically placed near the dining area, added a touch of luxury and completeness to the overall design. The subtle but impactful addition of lights under the shelves near the tall bank brought the bar area to life. Beyond functionality, this design choice allowed for the elegant display of glassware, creating a dynamic and inviting corner within the kitchen.

Executing such a detailed and intricate design required a skilled team, and BMack Joinery rose to the occasion. Their expertise in installation brought Diane’s vision to life, ensuring that every element was seamlessly integrated.


In the words of our clients

 We finally walked into the John Willox Kitchen Design showroom and went, at last, this is what we have been looking for 😊.


The journey may have taken two years, but the destination was well worth the wait. This project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, thoughtful design, and meticulous execution. For those on a quest for the perfect kitchen, may this project inspire and guide you toward your own dream kitchen space.


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